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"AJR has removed asbestos, performed asbestos survey & sampling, provided 2 hour asbestos awareness training and completed insulation projects for many years at our facilities. We have always enjoyed a good relationship based on consistently high quality work and very timely service."

-- Ken Weslander,
    Dir. of Facilities
    United Air Lines
    World Headquarters
    Elk Grove Tshp, IL




Insulation on Hot Water Heating System



The commercial office building market presents the following unique challenges for building managers and their engineering and contracting teams:

  • Tenants are paying customers and their satisfaction is important above all else.
  • Providing a comfortable and productive environment for tenants comes first - and cannot be compromised by renovation or other building projects.
  • Marketing a property successfully also relies on the building's image, which includes its reputation for quality maintenance, safety, comfort and efficiency.

For more than 20 years, the facilities engineering and field contracting services of The AJR Companies have helped office building facilities people manage their buildings for improved safety, operating efficiency - and marketability.

Choose the service you need:

  • Asbestos engineering & abatement : asbestos removal or encapsulation / repair
  • Demolition : interior structural demolition and equipment removal
  • Mechanical insulation : improve energy savings and protect piping and equipment 
  • Spray fireproofing: maintain the integrity of the building in the event of fire
  • Parking Garage Repairs: prolong the life of aging parking facilities

One call saves you time and money

Clients rely on The AJR Companies for single source results. Our multi-disciplined, responsive teams handle projects from start to finish, saving you phone calls, paperwork, resource coordination - and frustration.

Methodical and thorough, we get the job done right 

Whether your project requires turnkey, time/materials or emergency response, The AJR Companies deliver more benefit value for the dollar. We offer you:

  • Field surveys
  • Scope of work descriptions
  • Budget assistance
  • Project design and management
  • Field contracting and installation
  • Documentation
  • Training

Contact us about your situation.