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"The AJR Companies were able to handle the excavation, concrete pouring and acid brick work as a turn-key project to build an acid pump pit. They did extremely well."

-- Rob Stafford,
    Process Engineer







"We've worked with AJR for numerous years to insulate high temperature process duct work and equipment, remove and / or repair asbestos throughout our plant, and demo / scrap considerable abandoned process equipment. They are a valuable vendor because their ability to solve so many different problems saves us time we barely have anyway."

-- Kevin Henry,
    Engineer, USG



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Industrial environments present any number of difficult life safety and hazardous materials risks that must be properly managed.

The AJR Companies have successfully offered our engineering and contracting services in the following industries:

  • Petroleum
  • Chemical processing
  • Steel
  • Pharmaceutical and health care
  • Food processing and packaging 
  • Printing and publishing
  • General manufacturing and assembly

Choose the service you need:

  • Asbestos abatement : asbestos removal or encapsulation / repair
  • Demolition : interior structural demolition and equipment removal
  • Mechanical insulation : improve energy savings and protect piping and equipment
  • Refractory: install or replace high temperature materials within furnaces, ovens and other high temperature process equipment
  • Retention barrier construction and maintenance
  • Acid & chemical resistant finishes: protect surfaces from acids or other process chemicals
  • Epoxy flooring
  • Pump pit installations: excavation, foundations, rebar, drainage, chemical resistant brick work finishes
  • Concrete restoration: correct cracked, damaged, spalling concrete as a result of chemical attack or physical damage with lasting solutions
  • Lead abatement: remove lead paint from steel or other surfaces

Contact us for details.

The AJR Companies understand and appreciate what makes working in industrial plants unique and challenging:

  • Response time and adherence to schedules are crucial. The opportunity cost of lost production during down time can be staggering, which is why The AJR Companies guarantee its performance to comply with your shut down schedule. You get back into production fast.
  • Working conditions are sometimes dangerous and extreme. The AJR Companies practice safety first habits to ensure safe working performance even when exposed to high temperatures, hazardous materials, severe heights and close proximity to operating production equipment.
  • Critical environments require special attention. In certain industries, critical environments such as clean or sterile rooms or laboratories cannot be compromised. The AJR Companies have extensive experience in performing a wide range of facilities services in controlled and contained environments to ensure the integrity of clean rooms.
  • Workforce reductions stress facilities staffs. The AJR Companies, with more than 20 years in facilities engineering and field contracting services, help industrial facility managers improve the performance of their sites. We want to be the partner you count on for performance and quality service and support.

Contact us about your situation.

One call saves you time and money

Reduce your count of vendors. Clients rely on The AJR Companies for single-source, turnkey engineering and contracting results. Our multi-disciplined, responsive teams handle projects from start to finish, saving you phone calls, paperwork, resource coordination - and frustration.

Methodical and thorough, we get the job done right

Whether your project requires turnkey, time & materials or emergency response, The AJR Companies deliver more benefit value for the dollar. We offer you:

  • Field surveys
  • Scope of work descriptions
  • Budget assistance
  • Project design and management
  • Field contracting and installation
  • Documentation
  • Training

Contact us about your situation.

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