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Due to the number of photos used within our site, your monitor should be set to any "True Color" or "High Color" setting. A true or high color setting provides the best visual experience with photographic images on the internet since it provides more than 16,000,000 colors. If your monitor is set to "256 Color" (primarily used for the graphics in computer games) you will only see 256 possible colors and photos will appear fuzzy and 'dotted' in the computer's attempt to make up for the missing hues and colors that are not contained within the 256 color set.

If you use Windows® 95 or 98, you can set your monitor for true color settings by clicking Start | Settings | Control Panel, then double click the Display icon. Under the Settings tab, check the Color palette drop-down dialog box (located to the left about halfway down on the screen) and select any "True Color" or "High Color" setting available (see below), then click "Apply".

I use AOL, but images and photos don't look good in the AOL browser. How come?

First, be sure your monitor is set to a high color or true color setting. AOL's default browser settings compress images to speed loading. Most images used on the web are already compressed so additional compressing leads to images that appear out of focus. To set the AOL browser so that it doesn't compress images, choose My AOL, Preferences, WWW. Click on the Web Graphics tab. Uncheck the "Use compressed graphics" box, then click "OK"

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